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Seasonal Sweet Potato Pie flavor coming soon to Devotion’s protein

devotion sweet potato pie protein powder

It wasn’t that long ago the functional brand Devotion Nutrition introduced the first-ever new flavor for its whey-based protein powder, and it was a unique one at that with Buttery Blend. The brand has followed that up with another ‘first’ for the very same supplement, introducing the protein powder’s first-ever limited-edition flavor, and while it is seasonal, it’s far from the typical pumpkin pie.

Devotion Nutrition has announced that sometime soon, its protein powder is going to be available in a Sweet Potato Pie flavor. As mentioned however, it is a limited time product with the brand only getting a single batch produced. We expect Devotion’s Sweet Potato Pie protein to be available in 2lb tubs and trial bundles consisting of two sachets, although, so far the brand has only previewed the sachets.