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Foodspring continues the simplicity with its vegan version of Protein Balls

foodspring vegan protein balls

The popular European functional food and supplement brand Foodspring, has an interesting new product this week, that’s sort of a spin-off of something it already has available. It is Foodspring’s Protein Balls that has been released in an alternate version with ‘Vegan Protein Balls’, which are bite-sized balls packed full of protein, and they’re vegan-friendly.

In each 40g bag of Foodspring’s new Vegan Protein Balls, you get a combined total 5.2g of protein, which isn’t a lot, but it’s not too far off the original at 8.8g. The rest of its nutrition profile consists of 21g of carbohydrates with 18g of that sugar, 5g of fat, and 153 calories. Like the brand’s regular Protein Balls, the vegan-version is made with a simple set of only seven ingredients, including dates, cashews, and pea protein.

Foodspring promises a soft and smooth consistency with its Vegan Protein Balls and an enjoyable flavor experience, although being plant-based, we don’t imagine them being as good as the original Protein Balls. The product has been introduced in two flavors to start, neither of which are from the regular Protein Balls with Lemon Cake and Salty Peanut Butter.

You can purchase Foodspring’s Vegan Protein Balls from its website at €1.99 (2.36 USD) or €19.99 (23.60 USD) for a box of 12, so the same pricing as the original Protein Balls.