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Gaspari’s Viradex XT returns to boost testosterone and block estrogen

gaspari viradex xt

After making the exciting announcement earlier this week, Gaspari Nutrition has followed through on its promise and officially brought back its original testosterone booster Viridex XT, now named Viradex XT. The supplement is in stock now in the brand’s online store where it is also running a sale, dropping the resurrected Viradex XT from its usual $41.99 down to $33.59 for a bottle of 30 servings.

The goal of Gaspari Nutrition’s 2020 edition of Viradex XT is much the same as the original as well as other testosterone boosters on the market. The brand formulated the product to naturally boost testosterone and block estrogen to support muscle strength and size, and weight loss. Gaspari has actually packed Viradex XT with five ingredients each to support its testosterone-boosting and estrogen-blocking benefits.

gaspari viradex xt

You can see the complete combination of compounds Gaspari Nutrition has brought together for its returning testosterone booster in the image above with tribulus, maca, fenugreek, avena sativa, and longjack for testosterone support. As for the other side of the supplement, there is DIM, indole-3-carbinol, chrysin, urtica diocia extract, and calcium d glucarate, all to help block estrogen.

As mentioned, the regular price on Gaspari Nutrition’s latest testosterone booster is $41.99; however, if you head over to its website within the next few days, you can get 20% off and grab it at $33.59. The legacy brand is running the sale in line with Labor Day, and in addition to the discount, if you spend over $50, you’ll get a free shaker, face mask, long sleeve hoodie, and a sample of Gaspari’s recently released fat burner DTN8.