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GCode calling on the trust of fans once again for an all-new capsule supplement

gcode nutrition mystery capsule supplement

Tomorrow at 8PM Eastern Time, GCode Nutrition is going to be doing what it’s now become known for, and that is asking fans to put trust in the brand and pre-order its latest product without knowing too much about it. We’ve seen the company do this several times with entirely new supplements and flavor expansions, with the former being what it has planned for tomorrow.

GCode Nutrition has put together an entirely new capsule product that belongs to a category it is not already competing in. As a quick rundown on the areas of the industry the brand currently covers, it has the testosterone booster King, the real food meal replacement Feast, and the amino Rise. There is also, of course, its very first supplement, the stimulant pre-workout Vice.

Our guess is, being that it’s a capsule product and so far, GCode Nutrition has only really taken on mainstream categories, we think it’s a weight loss supplement. Once again, the mystery item is going live for pre-order tomorrow night through GCode’s online store, which you’ll want to move on quickly if you’re interested, as its fanbase tends to snatch these opportunities up.

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