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GCode’s innovative TriChamber packaging concept is potentially making a return

Gcode Nutrition Potentially Bringing Back Trichamber

About half a decade ago, GCode Nutrition introduced the TriChamber, an incredibly unique packaging concept for its signature pre-workout Vice. What made it so different is that it was a bulk tub, but inside, instead of being just one main compartment, it broke down into three chambers, hence the name TriChamber. It allowed the brand to put three different flavors of its Vice pre-workout, but it was eventually discontinued, or at least the concept was, as Vice has continued to be available but in a traditional bulk bottle.

GCode Nutrition has put out a teaser this week that suggests, at least to us and probably most other industry followers and fans of the brand, that the unforgettable and convenient TriChamber is making a return. In the image is an above view of a circular object that breaks down into three equal pockets or chambers. While that could represent many other things, GCode Nutrition drives things home and further elevates our suspicion by covering it with the words “Tri Again”, clearly playing on that uniquely spelled name of TriChamber.

Another interesting and worthwhile detail GCode Nutrition has said are two other words in “What’s neXXXt?” Based on that and the potential return of the TriChamber, we suspect that the brand is taking its more complete and comprehensive Vice-XXX pre-workout and putting it in that TriChamber in three different flavors. The teasers from GCode Nutrition are coming thick and fast, so don’t be surprised if there is a complete unveiling or even an official launch of whatever is being teased in the next few days or weeks.

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