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HI-Gear reveals the vitamin infused formula behind its multi-benefit amino Armor

hi gear armor

The team at HI-Gear Supplements has unveiled its fifth product today in preparation for its arrival and availability in three days on Monday. The brand’s latest creation was recently teased as some sort of multi-benefit amino. Now that it’s been unveiled, we can confirm that is indeed the case, with a vitamin and mineral enhanced, full-spectrum amino formula.

Armor is the name of HI-Gear’s upcoming supplement, which comes with an almost full spectrum of eight EAAs at a combined dose of 7g per serving, to support muscle recovery and repair. Alongside the aminos to make Armor that promised multi-benefit product, there are vitamins to support immune and bone health, electrolytes for hydration, and an added 5g of glutamine.

hi gear armor

Fans of HI-Gear will know it does already have an amino supplement in its lineup with Persevere. That product features a similar formula to Armor with EAAs, added glutamine, and coconut water. The most significant difference between the two is Armor’s added vitamins and minerals, as they make it a more all-in-one type supplement as opposed to only an amino.

As mentioned, HI-Gear Supplements is looking to launch Armor this coming Monday through its online store at It will be released with some sort of sale for Labor Day, in the usual 30 serving tub size, and the one flavor in Slaughermelon.