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Loaded amino Recover EAA expands to seven flavors with Lemon Lime Slushy

innovapharm lemon lime slushy recover eaa

InnovaPharm is expanding the menu of its packed out essential amino acid product Recover EAA today, which it’s done three times already this year. Back in February, the brand introduced Snow Come and Watermelon Gummy Candy flavors for Recover EAA, then in June it dropped Candy Apple Rancher, and this week we’ve got flavor number seven for the supplement.

The latest flavor creation from the team at InnovaPharm for Recover EAA is a bit of a sweet and sour sounding cocktail with Lemon Lime Slushy. The product comes with Recover EAA’s usual loaded but straightforward formula powered by a combined 14.4g of all nine EAAs. InnovaPharm will be making its Lemon Lime Slushy Recover EAA available for order direct sometime today.

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