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Inspired is finally giving Inspired Greens actual flavors in the US

inspired greens flavors

For a while now, Inspired has had actual flavors available for its superfood supplement Inspired Greens in Australia, but not here in the US. Since its debut, the product has had just the one taste to choose from in America with a neutral, naturally flavored option. However, as mentioned, from January, fans of Inspired in Australia have also had Chocolate and Bondi Blue flavors available to them.

Sometime soon, Inspired is finally bringing actual flavors to the US market for Inspired Greens, although they won’t be the same as the Chocolate and Bondi Blue in Australia. Our Brand Of The Year winner for 2019 has confirmed those actual flavors this week with Island Vibes and Malibu Breeze, both of which Inspired promises to be some of the best tasting superfood formulas on the market.

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