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Newcomer Sinner and its pre-workout hitting Australia October 14th

introducing sinner supplements

Sinner is a fresh new supplement company due to launch in Australia and New Zealand in just under one month on Wednesday the 14th of October. The newcomer is set to take on the growing industry in only one category to start. That category is, of course, the highly competitive world of pre-workouts, although Sinner promises there is no other product like it in Australia.

Newcomer Sinner has named its pre-workout after its category with ‘Sinner Preworkout’, and given it a hefty 16g serving size, with almost 13g of active ingredients. The supplement comes loaded with reliable ingredients and dosages, including some premium branded features such as Cocoabuterol, TeaCrine, and the increasingly popular and proven stimulant Zynamite.

The upcoming Sinner Preworkout will be hitting the market with four flavors to choose, all with creative names in Raspberry Wrath, Guilty Grape, Wicked Orange, and Lime Crime. As you can see, the sinister titles all play into the brand’s name ‘Sinner’, but at the same time, still give you a good idea about what the flavors are going to taste like, such as grape for Guilty Grape.

More information on Sinner and the Sinner Preworkout will be shared as we get closer to that October launch, which, as mentioned, isn’t all that far away, in precisely four weeks.

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