Justin’s takes on snacking with a refrigerated almond butter protein bar

Sep 17th, 2020
justins refrigerated protein bar

Starting this month, functional food brand Justin’s, known for its various nut-based snacks and products, has come out with a protein bar, although you won’t find on your usual shelf. Justin’s has put together a plant-based, almond butter protein bar, in three flavors, with the key point of difference on this one being that it’s kept chilled and sold from a refrigerator.

While Justin’s latest creation is not the first refrigerated protein bar we’ve seen, it is quite an interesting route to take coming from a nut butter brand. The product comes with 10g of protein per bar, with pea protein being one of its primary sources. The rest of its macros are 16 to 17g of fat, 8 to 11g of carbohydrates with 5 to 7g of that sugar, for a hefty 220 to 230 calories.

justins almond butter protein bar

As you can see, Justin’s refrigerated almond butter protein bar is relatively calorie-dense, as your typical protein bar has around 20g of protein and 200 to 220 calories. The Outright Protein Bar is a great comparison, which is also a nut butter-based product, it’s tasty, and while the calories are a little higher at around 280, the protein makes up for it with 60% more at 16g.

Justin’s has released its refrigerated protein bar with three flavors in Honey, Dark Chocolate Chip, and a straightforward Almond Butter. They’are all made with a clean set of ingredients, and are available for purchase from major supermarkets Wholefoods and Target starting this month.

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