Ken and Chun-Li get flavors with Be Legend’s latest Street Fighter collaboration

3 days ago
be legend street fighter protein and amino

Be Legend from Japan has revealed its second collaboration with the popular video game Street Fighter V, after partnering with the team last year for a Ryu-themed Hado-Ken flavor of its whey protein powder. For 2020, fans are actually getting two Street Fighter flavors, one for the brand’s whey protein again, and the other for its BCAA-based Super Amino Flowsion.

The Be Legend Street Fighter V protein powder is themed around the character Ken, a friend and rival of Ryu. The flavor is named after his signature move Shoryuken, much like the brand’s original Ryu Hado-Ken flavor. The other collaboration product is a Super Amino Flowsion based on the character Chun-Li, with the flavor named after her move, Hyakuretsukyaku.

Be Legend is still planning to officially launch its Street Fighter V collaborations next week on Wednesday the 23rd at precisely midday local time from the retailer Real Style. The brand does tend to put together introductory bundles for special edition products like this, so there is a good chance you’ll be able to grab the two together with a discount.