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Be Legend

Uma Musume Pretty Derby inspires a special edition Honey Drink flavor of Be Legend’s protein

Be Legend X Uma Musume Pretty Derby Honey Drink Protein Powder

Be Legend introduces its bulk creatine in a 300g and much more cost-effective 1,000g bag

Be Legend Bulk Creatine

Be Legend puts a meal replacement-style nutrition profile in its Sports & Wellness spin-off of Whey Protein

Be Legend Whey Protein Sports And Wellness

Be Legend makes a flavor of protein powder based on Goku’s Kamehameha

Be Legend Kamehameha Protein Powder

Be Legend creates a pineapple protein powder with the original manga Baki Hanma

Be Legend Baki Hanma Pineapple Protein Powder

Be Legend makes its first protein bar an authentic collaboration with

Be Legend Protein Bar

Be Legend combines beni-imo and cream cheese for another one-of-a-kind protein powder

Beni Imo Cheese Tart Be Legend Protein Powder

Be Legend teams up with Milky once again for two authentic candy flavors

Be Legend Strawberry Matcha Milky

Be Legend’s Devil Fruit One Piece collaboration is back for a limited time

Be Legend One Piece Protein Powder

Be Legend and Idolmaster SideM partner for three special edition flavors of protein

Be Legend Idolmaster Sidem Protein Powders

Be Legend creates another Pablo’s Cheese Tart flavor this time with a hint of strawberry

Be Legend Pablos Strawberry Cheese Tart

Blackcurrant and orange come together in Be Legend’s latest limited protein

Be Legend Enchanting Cassis Orange Protein Powder