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Frozen functional brand LightWhey gears up for the release of a new product

light whey new product

LightWhey’s ice cream on a stick, as well as its unique ice cream sandwich, are some of the best-tasting protein snacks on the market, frozen or not. The functional brand out of Dubai has now announced it is coming out with an all-new product, the first we’ve seen from it since it debuted its ice cream sandwich at last year’s Dubai Muscle Show and won our award for Best Tasting Product.

LightWhey is now getting ready to introduce another item to its family that appears to be in the shape of an ice cream stick or ice cream sandwich. Our guess is it’s another flavor of the former, just cause it has that slightly longer body. Either way, fans will not be disappointed as mentioned, those products are some of the best functional items on the market, and they’re reasonably high in protein.

We’ll share the news as soon as it becomes available, but do keep in mind, LightWhey is unfortunately not widely distributed yet, despite being more than deserving.

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