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Refreshing Mango brings ED Energy Drink’s beverage menu to seven

mango ed energy drink

Finnish beverage brand ED Energy Drink has announced a fresh new flavor for its signature energy drink, following the intriguing Vanilla flavor it introduced a couple of months ago in August. The latest creation from the long-running and widely available brand is more in line with most of its other flavors, which are fruit-based, such as Lemon, Dragonfruit, and Redberry.

ED Energy Drink’s flagship product now comes in a refreshing Mango flavor, although the new addition is only for the regular sugar version, not the no sugar, lower-calorie option. The flavor features all of the product’s usual active ingredients, including an energy increasing 160mg of caffeine in an entire half-liter bottle, a solid 2g of taurine, guarana, and b vitamins.