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Morphogen updates its new release roadmap with another 12 new products

morphogen another 12 all-new supplements

Morphogen Nutrition already confirmed the laundry list of supplements it has planned for launch this year back in May, with eight entirely new products and over 15 more flavors. Some of those items have already hit the market, although to keep fans excited and hungry for more, the brand has updated its release list with even more all-new supplements.

There is a total of 12 products Morphogen Nutrition has confirmed are coming soon, on top of the products it previously named, that have still yet to launch such as Maxigen, Dermagen, and Somagen. That list of 12 includes single-ingredient formulas featuring Vaso6, PeakO2, chasteberry, and iron, MorphoVita, and a multivitamin each for men and women.

The other five upcoming Morphogen Nutrition supplements are a little more advanced, or at least sound like they are with Myogen, the joint formula Morphojoint, Cognigen for focus, Morphobiome, and a yet-to-be-named electrolyte product. The brand has basically extended its list to be even larger than before, despite dropping several of its promised supplements.

Morphogen Nutrition has not said anything about when the new products are due to be out and available, only that they’re in the works and coming soon. As mentioned, this is on top of all of the supplements and flavors the brand named in May that have still yet to launch.