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Nano Supps goes full-on chocolate with its newest Protein Pancake flavor

nano supps double chocolate protein pancake

Protein Pancake was the first functional product from ä, also referred to as Nano Supps, and it was and still is one of the most unique protein snacks on the market. True to its name, it is a freshly baked pancake, packed full of protein, featuring a soft, cakey body, then in the center is a creamy filling that adds some sweetness and flavor to the experience.

Over the years, Nano Supps has expanded the menu of its tasty Protein Pancake from the original Peach flavor to other fruity creations as well as dessert options like Chocolate, Caramel, and Cookies and Cream. This week the European brand has added another flavor to its creative protein snack, which will go down extremely well with fans of the Chocolate Protein Pancake.

Nano Supps’ newest flavor of its high protein pancake doubles up with the chocolate lovers’ dream, ‘Double Chocolate’. The product comes with a solid 14g of protein per pancake, and an all-out, chocolate loaded flavor. The brand has immediately made the flavor available through its German website with boxes of 12 at €23.90 (28.29 USD) or €2.29 (2.71 USD) each.

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