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Naughty Boy announces a health and wellness product to make you feel brand new

naughty boy brand new

Naughty Boy has been extremely impressive this year, teasing, revealing, then launching entirely new supplements and intriguing new flavors. It has gone from just the one stimulant pre-workout Menace from its debut late last year, to a full line of products covering a lot of the major categories, some of them twice, with supplements like SickPump, WiseGuy, Power, and The Drip.

Despite being in the final third of the year, Naughty Boy is not slowing down, in fact, it might even be picking things up. The UK lifestyle brand has announced another all-new product named ‘Bran New’, formulated to make you feel brand new. It is a beauty, health, and wellness type formula, something we’ve seen from a lot of brands over the past year, featuring ingredients to support hair, nails, detoxification, skin, hydration, and stress.

naughty boy brand new

Bran New is an interesting supplement coming from Naughty Boy, as it’s been all about traditional sports nutrition so far, but as mentioned, beauty and wellness products are becoming quite the trend. You can see the full Bran New formula in the image above, including premium ingredients like Cocomineral, PerforMelon, and Aquamin minerals, alongside several others such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, PQQ, tart cherry, and astaxanthin.

Naughty Boy does already have plenty of new releases on its plate for this month with the arrival of its focus formula WiseGuy and more flavors for the original SickPump and SickPump Synergy. While that is a lot to be excited about, fans of the brand will still be able to get Bran New very soon, with Naughty Boy currently aiming to have it out and available somewhere in October.

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