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Naughty Boy looks to support hydration in its next basic Rawz supplement

naughty boy naughty rawz act

Naughty Rawz is Naughty Boy’s basic, essential style series of supplements, which currently consists of just two products, a creatine powder enhanced with ActiGin and AstraGin, and a vitamin c powder. The UK lifestyle brand has now announced that a third Naughty Rawz supplement is on the way with ‘ACT’, primarily formulated to support hydration.

Like the other items in the Naughty Rawz line, Naughty Boy’s upcoming ACT features a simple blend of ingredients with a full scoop packing a gram of Aquamin marine minerals, 2g of Cocomineral, and 3g of taurine. As mentioned, the goal of the supplement is to improve hydration, although it does have other benefits such as supporting bone health and performance.

Regarding the launch and availability of the Naughty Rawz ACT, Naughty Boy is currently saying it’s coming soon. Based on the brand’s previous products with that time frame, ACT should be here within the next month or so.