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Olimp puts zinc into fruit and mint-flavored lozenges for its latest supplement

olimp zinxavir

ZINXAVir Immuno is an all-new zinc-based supplement from the hugely popular European company Olimp, although there is a little more to it than just zinc. The product promises all of the usual benefits you get with a standalone zinc formula, including support for immune health and protection for cells against oxidative stress.

Where Olimp tries to separate ZINXAVir Immuno from other zinc supplements, is it delivers 15mg of the main ingredient in the form of a lozenge to ensure slow release. There is a total of 30 lozenges in a box of ZINXAVir, which are fruit and mint-flavored. The product is available now in Europe, including the brand’s online store at €5.58 (6.54 USD) a box.

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