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Perfect continues the new flavor run with Chocolate Peanut Candy Hulk

perfect sports chocolate peanut candy hulk

Canadian brand Perfect Sports has been dropping new flavors quite consistently over the past few months. There was one for the clean, 1,000+ calorie gainer Hulk in July, then we got the return of Pumpkin Spice Diesel in August, and Strawberry Diesel earlier this month. The flavors releases continue this week with news of yet another addition to the brand’s clean gainer.

The latest flavor creation for Perfect Sports Hulk is a little more intriguing and different than the Banana we got in July, with Chocolate Peanut Candy. The product still comes with all of the usual Hulk macros, including a solid 60g of protein and 1,030 calories. The flavor is due to be out and available in Canada very soon in the gainer’s 3lb tub and significantly larger 10lb bag.