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Warrior’s whey isolate protein becomes available in a full family of fruity flavors

pineapple warrior isolate protein

To close out the week, we have full details on Warrior Supplements’ latest product, Warrior Isolate Protein, and it is now available for purchase from the UK brand’s retail partner, Bodybuilding Warehouse. Warrior Isolate is a Warrior’s premium, whey isolate-based protein powder, which is a key feature that separates it from the other Warrior proteins, Warrior Whey and Warrior Mass.

Warrior Isolate Protein is, as mentioned, a whey isolate-based protein powder, so its nutrition profile is quite lean. Each 25g serving of the supplement packs 22.56g of protein, all coming from quality whey protein isolate. You then have just 250mg of carbohydrates, even less of that in sugar, 250mg of fat, and a calorie count that sits a little under 100 at 97.

As mentioned and as you can see, Warrior Isolate Protein is a relatively lean protein-packed product. Another interesting highlight of the protein powder is instead of coming in traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors, it has refreshing fruity options. There are four in total with Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Sour Apple, and Blue Raspberry, all of which are more pre-workout-like.

Once again, you can grab Warrior’s newest protein powder from the UK supplement retailer, Bodybuilding Warehouse. The online store has Warrior Isolate Protein priced at £19.99 (26.57 USD), and while that is a reasonable price, that is for the brand’s one size of the isolate protein powder, tipping the scales at a light 500g.