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Original Purple Storm flavor coming to Sneak’s energy drink this Wednesday

purple storm sneak energy drink

The well-marketed gaming company Sneak from the UK, made a big move this year for an up and comer, by entering the energy drink market with a beverage version of its gaming supplement. The product doesn’t feature all of the same ingredients and dosages as the original powder supplement, but the main ideas are much the same, aiming to increase energy and focus.

We did manage to get our hands on the Sneak energy drink and found it has a great initial flavor, although it rounds off with an aftertaste that’s difficult to ignore. The reason we’ve got Sneak and its beverage back in the headlines today is the UK-based brand has announced the first new flavor for its energy drink, and it is due to be available for purchase in just a few days.

Much like the first three flavors of the Sneak energy drink, the upcoming option is from the menu of the brand’s original powder product with Purple Storm. As mentioned, while Sneak did only reveal the fourth flavor of its beverage this weekend, it is due to launch in just a few days on Wednesday of this coming week exclusively in the UK and Europe.

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