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Final two flavors named for Super Duper Labs’ first-eversupplement

super duper labs final flavors

Super Duper Labs, the new gaming supplement company from the minds behind Myoblox, has revealed the final two flavors for its first-ever and still upcoming energy and focus boosting product. When we last posted about the brand and supplement, there were two tastes confirmed with Sour Snow Cone, and Red Dead Berry, presumably inspired by the popular video game Red Dead Redemption.

The two flavors now revealed and due to release soon alongside those original two are Sour Gummy Bears, and something we don’t see too often for energy-enhancing products with Banana Bomb Taffy. Super Duper Labs has still yet to provide any sort of launch date or week, or rough timeframe on its supplement’s arrival, although, with all of the flavors confirmed, the brand has to be making its debut soon.

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