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Dough Bar reveals the limited products in its next small-batch bundle

the dough bar small batch bundle october

Last month the protein doughnut company The Dough Bar, did its first-ever small-batch launch, which is a bundle of special edition, one-off products with only one batch produced. The first launch was received so well the brand seems to be turning it into a monthly thing, with the second small-batch bundle due to arrive this coming Friday.

To get some excitement and interest going, The Dough Bar has revealed what kind of products fans are in for with its special edition selection for October. There will be the brand’s protein Monkey Bread in a Nutella Brownie flavor, its Pastry Roll in Fluffernutter, and two functional cookies with Pumpkin Snickerdoodle and Peanut Butter No Bake cookie.

Both of The Dough Bar’s limited time products sound as delicious as always, but as mentioned, the brand is only producing a single batch. Basically, when all of the high protein treats arrive this Friday at 11AM Eastern, be sure to head to Dough Bar’s website straight away, as it has been known to sell through special edition items like all of these relatively quickly.

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