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Plant-based protein powder coming to TNT Mercury’s Prime Series next month

tnt mercury prime vegan

South African brand TNT Mercury is back this month with news of an upcoming product for its more health and wellness, lifestyle-based Prime Series. Sometime next month, the company is adding a plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder to the lineup powered by a blend of pea and brown rice concentrate, providing 20g of protein per serving.

The rest of the macros in TNT Mercury’s all-new ‘Prime Vegan’ are quite lean, including 2.2g of fat, just under a gram of carbohydrates with 300mg of that sugar, and 109 calories. That nutrition profile mentioned is based on the plant protein powder’s all-natural Cocoa-Chocolate flavor, with only one other option available on launch in Vanilla-Cinnamon.

TNT Mercury promises a great taste and texture with Prime Vegan, which is the trouble with plant-based proteins as they don’t end up tasting anywhere near as good as traditional whey. The brand has also infused the product with the premium enzyme blend DigeZyme to support digestion. Once again, TNT’s Prime Series Prime Vegan is due to be available in South Africa somewhere around the middle of next month.