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Vayu’s energy formula gets more traditional flavors to choose from

vayu meta flavors

The up and coming, and well-formulated European brand Vayu, which immediately caught our attention when it hit the market earlier this year, has put together a couple of new flavors. Both of the options are for one of the first few supplements it debuted with, in the fairly straightforward energy formula Meta+ featuring a blend of caffeine, green tea, and synephrine.

When Vayu’s Meta+ became available, it had only the one flavor on its menu with the rather unique Green Tea Lemon. The other two options now sitting alongside that are a little more traditional with the fruit-based tastes, Mango Orange and Apple. Both of the new Meta+ flavors are in stock and available from Vayu’s retail partners Gigas Nutrition at €29 (34.41 USD) a tub.

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