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Save 25% on the newcomer XP Sports by subscribing to its email list

xp sports insider discount

In case you missed the news yesterday, the all-new and well-marketed gaming supplement brand XP Sports, is now available for purchase directly from its website. Its first three products are all in stock with the energy and focus enhancing powder Boost, the similarly intentioned Zero-Lag, and the sweet, candy-like, and caffeine-free Gummies.

We’re bringing up XP Sports again today because, despite its direct-to-consumer prices already being quite competitive, with every supplement at $24.99 each, there is a way to drop them even further. If you sign-up to the newcomer’s email list, which takes about 30 seconds on its website, you’ll get a coupon sent to you for a substantial discount.

XP Sports rewards subscribers to its email list with a solid 25% off, dropping Boost, Zero-Lag, and Gummies from $24.99 down to $18.75 each. The coupon the brand sends you also works on any of its accessories and apparel, and it doesn’t expire for a few weeks, giving you plenty of time to think about what you want to order.

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