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Newcomer XP Sports launches with all of its gaming products at $24.99 each

where to buy xp sports gaming supplements

Back in June, we shared full details on the gaming supplement brand XP Sports, including ingredients, dosages, and flavors for its first three products, the powder Boost, Gummies, and the capsule formula Zero-Lag. XP Sports is actually a line of supplements from Iovate, who is responsible for many well-known brands out there, including Muscletech, Six Star, and Hydroxycut.

The reason we’re bringing XP Sports back into the spotlight this week is because, right on the close of summer, as promised, the brand has officially launched all of its products. The place to go to get your hands on the supplements is the brand’s online store at They’re available alongside a compact shaker for fans to mix Boost in, as well as a hoodie and tee.

The rather interesting part about the arrival of XP Sports through its website is the pricing of the supplements, as they’re quite competitive compared to others in the gaming category. Whether you’re looking at the energy and focus enhancing Boost and Zero-Lag, or the edible Gummies, they’re all $24.99 each, with 20 servings per bottle except for Boost, which has 30.

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