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XXL Nutrition gives fans a straightforward, bulk liquid caffeine formula

xxl nutrition liquid energy

XXL Nutrition is a major supplement retailer in Europe, but it is also one of the continent’s busiest supplement brands. It has a massive line of products under the same name, ‘XXL Nutrition’, that it adds to frequently. Today we have news on another addition to its extensive lineup with ‘Liquid Energy’, which looks like a shot at first, although that’s not quite the case.

Liquid Energy from XXL Nutrition is indeed an energy increasing liquid supplement that’s kind of like your traditional liquid carnitine. It is a large, half-liter bottle, featuring a simple combination of caffeine and vitamins. Every 20ml serving of the product packs an even 100mg of caffeine, and to make things easier, when filled, the bottle’s lid is precisely one serving.

XXL Nutrition has Liquid Energy in stock now and available from its online store, with 25, 20ml servings per bottle. It comes in the one Classic flavor, which isn’t overly descriptive and has us thinking it has some sort of neutral taste.