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AML welcomes one new flavor for each of its Dopa Rush supplements

aml silver ice dopa rush

Advanced Molecular Labs, better known as AML, has launched two new flavors this week, one for each of its Dopa Rush supplements. Neither of the flavors is your traditional fruit punch or blue raspberry, and one is quite unique, at least as far as its name goes. The first flavor is for AML’s Dopa Rush Pre-Workout with the fruity combination of Cherry Lemon.

The second flavor from AML is for the nootropic supplement Dopa Rush Cocktail, which already had four flavors on its menu in Baja, Strawberry Mango, Rainbow Punch, and the one Dopa Rush Pre just dropped in, Cherry Lemon. Joining that lineup and taking the total to five different options is the uniquely named Silver Ice, with no description of its actual taste.

Both the Cherry Lemon Dopa Rush Pre-Workout and Dopa Rush Cocktail are available now through the AML website at $39.99, although you get 20 servings in the pre-workout and the usual 30 in the nootropic.