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ANS takes on the multivitamin market with its latest Fresh1 supplement

ans performance fresh1 multi

Fresh1 is the name of two supplements in the ANS Performance family with Fresh1 Omega-3, a liquid omega-3 formula, and the original Fresh1, a plant-based protein powder. There is now a third Fresh1 product available from the brand, introducing Fresh1 Multi, which is of course, a vitamin and mineral supplement, packing all of its ingredients into a convenient single-capsule serving.

ANS Performance’s Fresh1 Multi is a potent and comprehensive multivitamin made with zero animal ingredients, allowing it to continue the Fresh1 theme of being vegan-friendly. The brand recommends users take just one single-capsule serving per day, and with 60 per bottle, that means it’ll last you 60 days or two months, as opposed to the much more common 30 days supply.

ans performance fresh1 multi

ANS Performance has kept it strictly vitamins and minerals for Fresh1 Multi, not adding any extra blends or ingredients as we’ve seen in a few of the more recent, complex multivitamins, which is reflected in its price. Through the brand’s website, you can grab Fresh1 Multi for only $19.99, working out to a competitive $10 a month; as mentioned, you get two months worth per bottle.