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Believe Supplements puts vitamin d3 into a blueberry-flavored spray

believe supplements vitamin d3

Canadian brand Believe Supplements doesn’t really have all that many basic, straightforward products, at least outside of its various protein powders. It has common standalone supplements such as creatine monohydrate and glutamine powder, and now, starting this week, it has a single-ingredient product for immune health, although it’s not vitamin c.

Believe Supplements has come out with a dedicated vitamin d3 supplement, providing 1,000iu of the ingredient per serving. Those servings are also not the usual capsule or powder, but liquid, as the product comes in a small spray bottle. You do get a lot of servings per bottle at 162 as well, so if you want to increase the dose, there is plenty of room to do so.

Believe Supplements’ vitamin d3 supplement, simply named ‘Vitamin D3’, is available to its fans in the US and Canada. It comes in just the one Blueberry flavored, and directly from the brand, the product will cost you $22.49.