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Black Magic reveals its second Halloween BZRK in Red Voodoo Punch

black magic red voodoo punch bzrk

For Halloween in 2019, hardcore brand Black Magic came out with a special edition version of its pre-workout BZRK. The product had a unique new flavor in Voodoo Punch, an awesome alternative label design, and a different formula compared to the regular BZRK. For Halloween this year, Black Magic is doing a similar sort of thing with a handful of tweaks.

The brand’s 2020 Halloween edition BZRK is going to feature a red on black label design, a slightly different flavor named Red Voodoo Punch, and what sounds to be the same alternative formula as before. Black Magic is adding the focus ingredient NeuroFactor to the supplement, moving to 10g of citrulline malate, and increasing the caffeine to 400mg.

The Red Voodoo Punch BZRK will be hitting the market right on Halloween, on Saturday the 31st of this month. Fans of Black Magic are going to be able to purchase the limited-time product directly from its website as well as its many retail partners.