Bowmar completes production and gets ready to release its Vegan Protein Bar

Oct 18th, 2020
bowmar nutrition vegan protein bar

While Bowmar Nutrition does have a plant-based, vegan-friendly alternative to its whey-based protein powder, at the moment, it is missing the same sort of thing for its whey-based protein bar. That is however, something the ever-expanding brand has been hard at work on; in fact, Bowmar has been working on its Vegan Protein Bar for a year and a half.

The brand from Sarah and Josh Bowmar has now confirmed it is nearing the final stages of its plant-based protein snack, to the point where it has completed production. The product will have a full 20g of protein per bar, just like Bowmar’s whey powered protein bar, with 6g of fiber and a much higher calorie count of 290 versus the brand’s original at 230.

Bowmar Nutrition has not set a launch date for its Vegan Protein Bar, only mentioned how far along production it is and that it’s coming in the one Peanut Butter Cookie flavor. With that said, the brand almost always releases products at precisely midday on Fridays, similar to Ghost on Thursdays, so we imagine it will be one of those in the coming weeks.