VGainz 4U packed with a lean profile but an even more impressive price

Oct 4th, 2020
bps pharma vgainz 4u

As promised, the German brand BPS Pharma, known for its Not4Pussy family of pre-workouts, has introduced its second protein powder, which jumps on the plant-based, vegan-friendly trend. VGainz 4U is the latest supplement from BPS, packed with 22g of protein per serving coming from a blend of just two sources in pea isolate and soy isolate.

BPS Pharma says it started working on VGainz 4U at the same time as its whey-based protein powder, Whey 4U. The reason Whey 4U made its way onto the market much sooner is the brand was not able to get the taste of VGainz 4U to the level it wanted. This year, that has obviously changed, and fans of BPS now have a plant-based protein available to them.

The full nutrition profile for a full serving of BPS Pharma’s VGainz 4U, on top of that moderate 22g of protein mentioned earlier, includes 2.9g of carbohydrates with only 400mg of sugar, 600mg of fat, and 106 calories. To start, the brand has the one flavor available for its vegan-friendly protein powder, and it is not a traditional taste with Salted Caramel.

BPS Pharma is celebrating the arrival of VGainz 4U with a limited time sale that drops it down to the very competitive price of €16.90 (19.80 USD), or €16.06 (18.82 USD) each if you grab two or more. You would expect the supplement to have 15 or 20 servings at that price, but the German brand has indeed given it the usual 30, making its cost even more competitive.