Bite-sized version of Built Bar coming next Tuesday in at least four flavors

Oct 24th, 2020
built bar minis

Next week, fans of Build Brands’ and its signature, on-the-go, protein bar, the Built Bar, are getting something new for the product. Despite the company being quite frequent with new flavors for Built Bar, this time around, that is not what it’s put together. On Tuesday of next week, Built Brands is set to introduce a miniature version with Built Bites.

The upcoming bite-sized spin-off looks to be about a third to half the size of a regular Built Bar, which packs 17 to 19g of protein and a calorie count between 130 to 180. Built Brands has also only pictured its miniature version in four of its many flavors with Peanut Butter and Coconut Almond, and the two nut-free options, Raspberry and Mint Brownie.

Once again, Built Brands is looking to drop its Built Bites on Tuesday of next week, with no word on price, but being bite-sized alternatives, they won’t obviously be near the price of a full-size Built Bar.