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Latest Chiefs product are high protein meal pots ready in five minutes

chiefs meal pots

Swiss functional brand Chiefs, who we recently got the chance to review three products from — protein bars, sticks and shakes — has added a new type of item to its lineup this week that you won’t see from too many others. Chiefs Meal Pots is the latest creation from the company, and they’re exactly that; compact pots that could pass as a moderate meal and are ready in just five minutes.

There are five variants of the Chiefs Meal Pots, all of which are completely natural and vegan or vegetarian. There is Creamy Risotto with rice and mushrooms in mushroom sauce, and Chili Rice with rice, kidney beans, and black beans in a chili sauce. Next is Vegan Risotto with rice, pumpkin, and a coconut flavor, and Creamy Curry with rice, mixed vegetables, and sultanas in curry sauce.

chiefs meal pots

The fifth and final flavor of the Chiefs Meal Pots is the only non-rice recipe of the lot in Vegan Couscous, bringing together couscous and Mediterranean vegetables in tomato sauce. The macros on the product from vary from flavor to flavor with 13 to 16g of protein, 800mg all the way up to 6.1g of fat, 34 to 41g of carbohydrates with 4.2 to 8.2g of sugar, and a total of 217 to 266 calories.

The list of ingredients in the Chiefs Meal Pots is relatively clean; as mentioned, they feature only natural ingredients with no added sugar, added protein sources such as and once again, they’re vegan or vegetarian. Those of you in Switzerland can grab the product directly from the brand, through its website at CHF 21.60 (23.73 USD) for a pack of five with one of each flavor.

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