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Chiefs Review: Rich and milky protein RTD but disappointing protein bar

Chiefs is a functional food company from Switzerland who recently caught our attention after showing up in a number of our favorite European retailers. The brand’s lineup looked interesting and delicious, so we decided to purchase a handful of its widely available high protein products including its protein bar in three flavors, Protein Sticks, and protein RTD.


Starting with the protein bar, it has a typical nutrition profile led by 20g of protein, an equal 20g of carbohydrates, no added sugar, and around 210 calories. As far as flavors go, the Chiefs’ protein bar is pretty good. The Salted Caramel delivers a thick caramel flavor, the Crispy Cookie has some noticeable and sweet cookie bits, and the White Mocha has more mocha than white chocolate.

chiefs protein bar review

The bar is heavily covered in crispy pieces, ensuring a crunchy texture throughout, however its main body is where it gets let down. The center isn’t all that thick, at least compared to other products, but it is chewy. While the density is not enough to make you throw it away or stop eating, it will have you chewing a lot more than some of the higher-rated protein bars ou there.

Moving on to Chiefs’ pretzel stick-like snack Protein Sticks; this one is not too bad being crispy, crunchy, and easy to eat. Its Onion and Cream flavor is a little light and hard to pick up on most of the time, but the consistency keeps it interesting. The macros are more calorie-dense than we’d like although still reasonable at 33g of protein per bag, 40g of carbs, 12.8g of fat, and 420 calories.

chiefs protein sticks review

Lastly, we have the Chiefs protein RTD, which is the best of the three products we got our hands on. It delivers on taste in all five of the flavors we purchased, and with a reasonably milky texture. The macros are not as lean as a traditional protein powder mixed with water, but the flavor and enjoyment are more than worth it.

The Chiefs protein RTD comes with a solid 26g of protein, about 9g of carbs, no added sugar like the protein bar, and around 190 calories, with slight variations from flavor to flavor. Some of the product’s flavors are stronger than others, with the rich Choco Mountain and sweet Strawberry being our favorites above the other three we had, Vanilla Drive, Caramel Macchiato, and Banana Beach.

chiefs protein bar review


Overall, based on the three Chiefs products we tried, it’s definitely a brand we’d go back to when it comes to healthy, high protein snacking. Maybe not its protein bar, or its sticks depending on the day, although its protein RTD is a no brainer. Chiefs also has protein pudding and ice cream in its home country, which considering how good the RTD is, we wouldn’t hesitate to try.