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Clean Rscued gets an intriguing limited edition flavor in time for Christmas

clean drink rscued winter cola

Clean Rscued is a line of beverages from Clean Drink created with the environmentally friendly company Rscued, where the product is made using fruit that would typically go to waste, or ‘rescued’ fruit. It is still an energy drink, much like Clean Drink’s flagship beverage, featuring a combination of vitamins and a good amount of natural caffeine to boost energy.

The Swedish functional company has now introduced a new flavor for its spin-off Clean Rscued, although it is not just another addition to the product’s menu. The flavor Clean Drink has come up with is actually a limited, winter edition of its Rscued collaboration. It is named ‘Winter Cola’, and it sounds like quite an interesting experience with, of course, a base cola taste.

Clean Drink’s Winter Cola Clean Rscued or in Swedish ‘Vinter Cola’ as it’s written on the can, brings together a cola flavor with a touch of citrus, and the Christmassy spices, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Winter Cola comes with the product’s usual vitamins, 105mg of natural caffeine, and only five calories per can, and is already out and available in the brand’s home country.

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