Four Core Commodities coming tomorrow with deals and discounts

Oct 25th, 2020
core nutritionals new commodities

Tomorrow, Core Nutritionals is dropping the promised expansion to its Core Commodities Series, which is the brand’s family of straightforward supplements. Fans of Core will know, the line is already quite extensive, including common products like Creatine, Glutamine, and BCAA, as well as some not so common standalone supplements in HMB, Cissus, 5-AT.

This coming week, Core Nutritionals is looking to add another four products to the Core Commodities collection, with Pregnenalone packed with 25mg of its title ingredient per serving. The other three make up what the brand has dubbed the Immunity Stack in Zinc Chelate, Vitamin C featuring one gram per serving, and Vitamin D at 5,000iu per serving.

As per usual, when Core Nutritionals launches its four new Core Commodities supplements through its website, there will be a sale with 10% off everything in the series. When you spend over $100, the brand is also going to throw in a full-size tub of BCAA, and if you push just a bit more to $150, you’ll get the Commodities BCAA and a tub of Taurine.

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