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Cutler makes a move on the plant protein market with Total Vegan

cutler nutrition total vegan

Since its major revamp and relaunch, Jay Cutler’s brand Cutler Nutrition, has done a pretty good job at expanding its lineup to cover many more categories than the handful it did initially. One of the areas the brand has grown into shortly after its return was protein powder with the premium whey isolate formula Total ISO, and now recently, it’s introduced a second protein in Total Vegan.

Cutler Nutrition’s Total Vegan, is of course, a plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder, packing 24g of protein per serving, all coming from pea protein. The other macros are reasonably low at 4.5g of fat and 2g of carbohydrates, with no sugar, and 140 calories. The product is a relatively straightforward plant protein competitor, although, as mentioned before, this type of supplement typically comes down to taste, which Total Vegan only has one of.

Cutler Nutrition’s dive into the vegan-friendly protein powder market, has released with just the one taste on its menu in Double Rich Chocolate. Directly through the brand’s online store, a 30 serving of Total Vegan will cost you $49.99. That value is quite reasonable, as remember it has 24g of protein per serving, not the usual 20g, which if you work it out based on that, the product has about 36 servings with 20g of protein.