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Dough Bar releases its latest version of Protein Cupcakes in two all-new flavors

dough bar cream filled protein cupcake

The prototype program is where The Dough Bar introduces all-new products that are still being worked on and open to feedback before getting a full, official launch. The item the functional brand currently has in that program is Cream Filled Protein Cupcakes, which are precisely that, soft and tasty cupcakes with a creamy filling and high in protein.

Today, The Dough Bar has dropped its latest version of Cream Filled Protein Cupcakes in two previously released flavors with Chocolate topped with a vanilla glaze, and Strawberry with a strawberry glaze. Alongside that pair are two all-new flavors in Birthday Cake featuring a vanilla glaze and a seasonal Pumpkin, also topped with a vanilla glaze.

The macros on The Dough Bar’s Cream Filled Protein Cupcakes start with a moderate 12g of protein, followed by 16g of fat, a relatively high 27g of carbohydrates with 16g of that sugar, and 290 calories. You can grab any of the Protein Cupcakes from the brand’s website at $17 for a pack of five, or if you want to try all four, there is a variety bundle of ten at $33.

It is worth mentioning, The Dough Bar does not make a lot of its prototype products, so if you want to get your piece of the latest batch of Cream Filled Protein Cupcakes, you’ll want to move quickly.

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