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DVST8 Of The Union Review: Inspired puts together its best pre-workout ever

DVST8 Of The Union is the latest pre-workout supplement from Inspired, who has put out several top-performing products over the years under the DVST8 name. As far as we can remember, the brand has had the number one spot on our list of top pre-workouts more than anyone else, although it hasn’t held the title for almost two years, since the days of DVST8 White Diamond Reserve.

On paper, Inspired’s DVST8 Of The Union looks pretty solid, featuring a combination of reliable and well-dosed ingredients for energy, focus, pumps, and performance. As with any pre-workout, it comes down to how well all of those benefits work together in the gym. In the case of DVST8 Of The Union, despite looking good on paper, it somehow performs even better in a workout.

dvst8 of the union review


Inspired’s DVST8 Of The Union is the best pre-workout we’ve ever had from Inspired, and that goes for its original hit supplement DVST8 White Cut and the hard-hitting sequel DVST8 White Diamond Reserve. This thing is a beast, delivering on all fronts, and in a way that we never thought we’d experience again with DMAA and DMHA no longer in major, mainstream pre-workouts.

Right from the first serving, DVST8 Of The Union hits like a train at its maximum serving of two scoops. You get a rush of energy and tunnel vision focus, on a level that we’ve only ever had in two or three pre-workouts. It gets you in the zone, gets you going, and it’ll keep you going right until the end of your workout.

dvst8 of the union review

The even more impressive part about the latest Inspired pre-workout is the energy is so intense, you’ll find yourself finishing with extra sets and exercises because you have so much left in the tank. It’s amazing how much DVST8 Of The Union powers you through your workout, and how strong the energy is, to the point where you’ll shorten your rest periods to half, and still perform as good as you would normally.

While the energy and focus in DVST8 Of The Union are powerful and memorable, it shines just as well in the muscle pump department. The pre-workout’s increased blood flow is so intense that we were getting dense and full muscles within the first exercise. The pumps are dense, full, and comparable to top-rated stimulant-free products built specifically for that, but this, of course, offers a whole lot more than that.

dvst8 of the union review

The performance and endurance side of the supplement isn’t bad, as you won’t find yourself exhausted at any point, and your strength will stay consistent from your first set to your last. The energy however, can be overpowering at times and make it difficult to put it all into a lower rep set. At the same time, those strength sets don’t take as much out of you when using DVST8 Of The Union, nor do you perform like they do.


The only knock we have on Inspired’s latest and greatest DVST8 is the tolerance. All of our reviewers had the workouts of their lives when using DVST8 Of The Union for the first time. That experience does fade faster than usual when using it days in a row, although not by much. You will lose that initial kick, and the focus is marginally lighter, but the energy, performance, and pumps remain untouched.

dvst8 of the union review

We found using it about three times a week built a tolerance similar to other pre-workouts at four or five times, but again, even after that tolerance, it’s an intense experience. That initial workout is on par with some of the best supplements we’ve had the pleasure of working out with over the years, all the way through the DMAA, AMP citrate, and DMHA eras.


If you’re a fan of Inspired and the many DVST8 pre-workouts it’s put out over the years; then this is one to try. While the brand’s last few entries into the category weren’t bad with DVST8 Worldwide and DVST8 BBD, DVST8 Of The Union blows them out of the water. The taste of the product is also the brand’s best yet, giving the pre-workout even more points and fans more reason to give it a run.

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