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Second of two Matcha-themed flavors named for Far East’s protein powder

far east alchemy matcha mint choc protein elixir

Far East Alchemy is a unique, and up and coming supplement company out of Australia, who has just one product available at the moment but in some impressively creative flavors. That product is a whey-based protein powder that sets itself apart with a different type of menu made up of one-of-a-kind flavors such as Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Taro Milk.

Far East Alchemy recently revealed it has put together another two flavors for its whey protein powder, both of which are Matcha tea-themed. When it confirmed the coming of those products, it named one of the flavors with Matcha Ice Cream, and now it has introduced the other, with the equally intriguing Matcha Mint Choc with real chocolate pieces.

Both of Far East Alchemy’s upcoming Matcha tea flavors of protein powder will have slightly less protein per serving than the other options with 23g instead of 24. As originally promised, the Australian brand is looking to launch both Matcha Ice Cream and Matcha Mint Choc in time for Christmas, aiming for somewhere around mid to late December.