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G Fuel celebrates FaZe Clan’s tenth anniversary with a mysterious icy flavor

faze x g fuel

The gaming supplement company G Fuel is back today with news of another flavor for its original energy and focus boosting powder product. The flavor has been put together in partnership with the gaming organization FaZe Clan to celebrate its ten-year anniversary. Fans of the brand will also know, this is far from the first G Fuel collaboration with FaZe Clan, with seven others launching over the years.

Following on from the many other flavors of the G Fuel powder and energy drink created with various FaZe Clan members such as Ragin’ Gummy Fish, Tropical Rain, and Battle Juice, is FaZe X. The flavor clearly doesn’t give a lot away about its taste, in its name, although the brand has provided a bit of a description, saying it’s a mysterious icy experience alongside all of G Fuel’s usual main ingredients.

G Fuel’s FaZe X flavor is due to launch exactly one week from today, on Wednesday of next week, through the brand’s website It’ll be available in the supplement’s traditional 40 serving tub as well as a limited edition collector’s box set with a tub and FaZe X-themed shaker.

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