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Limited Halloween-edition Candy Series flavor is back for GAAM’s BCAA

gaam nutrition candy series bcaa

The Candy Series from GAAM Nutrition is a collection of candy-themed flavors for a variety of different supplements throughout the Swedish brand’s lineup. The formulas behind the products remain the same, it is just the flavors that are different, and GAAM does tend to get quite creative with the series. It has unique efforts such as Watermelon Rocketz Creatine and Polkagris Whey, a Swedish rock candy flavor.

This month GAAM Nutrition has brought back a previously released, limited-edition Candy Series creation with the Halloween and sour candy-themed Scary Sour Skulls BCAA. The product comes with all of the same main ingredients and dosages as GAAM’s regular BCAA flavors, including a full 8g of BCAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, and a 4g of glutamine, combining for a total of 12g of aminos per serving.

You can grab GAAM Nutrition’s returning Candy Series, Scary Sour Skulls BCAA, from the Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget, who is actually the team behind the brand. Through there, the flavor that is once again only available for a limited time is discounted to 149 kr (17.05 USD) along with all of the other Candy Series BCAA options, making it more cost-effective to grab one of the candy flavors than a regular option.

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