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On-the-go shake expands Genius Gourmet’s keto-friendly family

genius gourmet keto shake

When Genius Gourmet first came to market with its sweet and smooth Keto Bar in two flavors, it mentioned it had plans to make an entire family of keto-friendly foods and snacks. Since launching a year ago, it has added one more product with Keto Snack Chips, and now it’s dropped its third on-the-go item, which is not edible like Keto Bar and Snack Chips, but a beverage.

Keto Shake is Genius Gourmet’s latest release, which true to its name is a high fat, moderate protein, keto-friendly shake. Each 330ml shake packs 15g of fat, 6g of protein, a low 5g of carbohydrates with a gram each of that sugar and fiber, and 170 calories. The product is primarily made using MCTs, milk protein isolate, and cream, which should give a nice and creamy consistency.

Genius Gourmet has dropped its first-ever beverage in just the one flavor to start with an all-natural Chocolate. It is in stock now on Amazon and costs $29.99 for a case of 12 shakes, which isn’t too bad at $2.50 a shake. You can grab the on-the-go product from the brand’s own online store, although it is the same price as Amazon at $29.99 for a case of 12.