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Glaxon increases the total amount of aminos for its second iteration of Xeno

glaxon xeno amino

Xeno was one of the first supplements Glaxon launched when it hit the market near the end of last year, an amino product formulated to support muscle recovery and offer a few other benefits. With the brand’s second season now in full swing, where it intends to eventually revamp and relaunch its entire lineup, Glaxon has dropped an updated version of its amino cocktail Xeno.

Glaxon’s second edition of Xeno, more obviously named ‘Xeno Amino’ moving forward, is much the same as the original, with the main focus of its formula being a blend of aminos to help with muscle recovery. Included in that blend is a full-spectrum of EAAs, and in the new Xeno Amino, that blend weighs almost 50% more at 10g per maximum serving, whereas its predecessor had only 7g.

glaxon xeno amino

While the increase in the number of aminos is a significant change for Glaxon’s Xeno Amino, there are many other differences. The supplement no longer features any collagen, it still has hyaluronic acid at half the original amount, a gram of taurine, and AstraGin to improve absorption. The brand has also thrown in 1.55g of AstroLyte, which is its blend of ingredients to support hydration.

Glaxon has already replaced its original Xeno and thrown up the revamped Xeno Amino on its website, where it is currently available to pre-order at $34.99 for a tub of 21 servings, with shipping taking place next week. When it comes to flavors, Glaxon has, of course, introduced Xeno Amino with a moderate selection of options, including Sour Berries, Peachy, and Pine Berry Slush.