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Get ready to crumble with Grenade’s all-new Apple Rumble Carb Killa

grenade apple rumble carb killa protein bar

Grenade’s latest flavor of the delicious and top-rated protein bar, Carb Killa, has been revealed and going o be available for purchase in the UK and Europe from, starting today. Based on the brand’s teaser, we suspected the flavor to be some sort of Halloween-themed creation, and while that’s not the case, it is still an intriguing new addition to the product.

Grenade has put together an Apple Rumble Carb Killa protein bar, aiming to deliver the delicious taste and texture of the classic baked treat, apple crumble. The product packs Carb Killa’s usual amount of protein at a solid 20g per bar, alongside 22g of carbohydrates with only 2.4g of that sugar, 10g of fat, and a calorie count of 236, all similar to the protein bar’s many other flavors.

While Grenade hasn’t done many of them, when it comes to fruit type flavors for the Carb Killa protein bar, the brand has not only never disappointed, but some of its best flavors have a touch of fruit. There was its first-ever limited-edition option, Banana Armor, the rich and on point Dark Chocolate Mint, and of course, the more recent Dark Chocolate Raspberry Carb Killa.

Once again, Grenade is looking to launch its Apple Rumble Carb Killa protein bar later today, through its online store, where the regular price on the product is £2.59 (3.38 USD) for a single bar and £30.99 (40.38 USD) for a box of 12.