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Berry-flavored Elderberry Gummies come to InnovaPharm’s Essentials Series

innovapharm elderberry gummies

InnovaPharm kicked off its Essentials Series just a couple of months ago with Immune-1, a dedicated immune health supplement including the likes of elderberry, echinacea, beta-glucans, and many others. The Essentials Series is intended to be the brand’s basic line of products, although the formula behind the original Immune-1 could have had you thinking otherwise.

Since launching Immune-1, InnovaPharm has expanded its Essential Series with Berberine X5, and now this week, it is introducing Elderberry Gummies. The product is just as it sounds, a gummy supplement, bringing together elderberry, vitamin c, and zinc in delicious, berry-flavored gummies to help support and strengthen your immune system, very similar to Immune-1.

InnovaPharm has actually put together its Essentials Series Elderberry Gummies in two sizes, one with 60 gummies and the other with twice as many at 120. They’re both berry-flavored and come with all of the same ingredients and dosages, and are priced at $29.99 for the 60 count and $49.99 for the 120.